Liberty Wire Johnstown (LWJ), is located in Johnstown, PA, and originally a division of Bethlehem Steel Corp., has the broadest offerings of high-quality CHQ and electro-galvanized wire and rod in the industry. LWJ focuses on market segments where metallurgical quality is a differentiating factor. The company operates from a single 638,000 square foot facility in Johnstown, PA and employs 250 people, of which 202 are represented by the USWA.

LWJ produces a wide variety of steel wire products made from carbon and alloy wire rod. The company’s manufacturing processes include hydrochloric acid cleaning and coating, wire drawing, electro-galvanizing, aluminizing, and continuous coil annealing.

LWJ’s customers are primarily in the transportation and construction industry segments, but the company supplies products for a variety of other industries including machinery, capital goods, energy/electrical power, and consumer products.