Electro-Galvanized Wire and Rod: Electro-galvanized wire is zinc coated steel wire used in a variety of high-strength, corrosion resistant applications. Applications include automotive, agricultural, power generation such as utility pole guy wires and guy grips, as well as construction nails and staples.

In the process, strands of wire are electrically charged as they pass through a plating solution and between oppositely charged anodes making a circuit. The end result is the permanent deposition of zinc onto the steel surface. Since the zinc is applied with electricity free of heat, it offers many advantages in such as:

  • Coating weights up to ASTM A641 Type C Coat
  • Concentricity of zinc coating
  • Consistency of coating weight

All of these factors add up to a higher corrosive resistant wire ready for redrawing, forming or stranding for the most weathered environments.

Our Electro-galvanized wire is available in both high carbon and low carbon wire in a variety of sizes and coating weights per ASTM or customer specification.

Aluminized Wire: Aluminized wire is produced by cleaning and fluxing the strands of wire, then immersing them in molten aluminum. The end result is a wire that is extremely corrosion resistant. It is used in a variety of outdoor, high strength products such as power distribution and data transmission support wires, and premium chain link fencing.

Process Capabilities
Process Capabilities 1&2 Cell
Size Range Coating Weight Capability
.070″ — .300″ Flash to 3.00 oz/ft2
Process Capabilities 3&4 Cell
Size Range Coating Weight Capability
.051″ — .131″ Flash to 0.80 oz/ft2
.032″ — .148″ Flash to 0.40 oz/ft2
Process Capabilities Aluminized Line
Size Range Coating Weight Capability
.080″ — .220″ .40 oz/ft2 to .45 oz/ft2